If you don’t know, now you know

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First things first, I want to thank y’all for your patience with me on this chilly Thursday.  Wasn’t it just eighty degrees yesterday? Nothing like Northwest Pennsylvania! Anyways, after two long months, I am finally back to work. I drove across the beautiful Keystone State this week for training and was reminded of my gratitude for living in my home state.  Unfortunately, it also means my blog post for this week was put on the back burner.  I planned on having a very meaningful post this week, but due to the craziness, I will be having a “special edition” post next week in addition to my Thursday post.  I am so grateful for the love and support I receive week after week.  If you’ve been following my blog, you may feel like you’ve learned a lot about me, but I thought I’d take this Thursday to give you some additional “facts.”

1.) I can honestly say my absolute best friends are still the girls from my elementary school days. We each attended different colleges, all of us moved away at various times, some now have babies, life has thrown us lots of barriers, but our friendship is still as amazing as it was in grade school.  One major lesson I have learned since being apart of this crazy football lifestyle is that you truly find out who your friends are.  Some say “move away and you’ll find that out.” No, move away and come back … that’s when you’ll know.  Lucky for me, these girls have remained. I love y’all so much!friends

2.) The biggest risk I have ever taken is … well, you guessed it, moving to North Dakota to support Coach as he began to pursue his dream. Perhaps “risk” isn’t the right word.  I knew he was the love of my life, but come on, pack up your life and move 1,300 miles away from everything isn’t something people do every day.  We found out in May 2016 that he received the position.  I was enrolled to go back to school to become a Physical Therapy Assistant.  Although I would have enjoyed the field, I was content in looking for an “out” from my employment.  I was working as an Intake Caseworker for Children Services.  I was surrounded by the most INCREDIBLE coworkers I will ever have, but the job was t o u g h. I was able to separate myself from the stories, but I struggled majorly with the ignorance of the parents, I questioned my safety often, and dirty homes just weren’t my thing. I canceled my enrollment, bought a new car, and ventured out.  I may have mentioned this before, but I am not lying when I say, it was and still is the best decision I have ever made. Not to mention,  it also saved me from being $36,000 more in debt.
Risk - Copy

3.) While in North Dakota, I met Josh Duhamel.  He actually is from Minot! Crazy, right?! I was tailgating at one of Coach’s games, and I had gone to use the restroom. As I was walking back, the area was much more crowded than before.  Someone mentioned he was like five feet away from me.  Admittedly, I went into total fan girl mode in less than two seconds.  On that particular day, he was getting inducted into the MSU Hall of Fame.  Check out his Beaver’s hat! You may have seen him on TV and thought he was good looking … imagine seeing that in real life! (No offense, Coach).Josh D

By the way ladies, he’s about to be single. Coach sent me a snap chat of a magazine with him and Fergie on the front with the announcement of their divorce.  The caption read “trouble in Minot.” I about died.

4.) I LOATHE ranch dressing.  Like, I can’t even smell it.  The weird thing is: I LOVE buffalo chicken dip.  I can eat that all day every day, even if it has ranch, but if I get a buffalo chicken wrap, the sauce has to be just buffalo, no ranch!

5.) I graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, of course where Coach and I fell in love.  I have a bachelor of science in Rehabilitation and Human Services with a concentration in developmental disabilities.  If I could go back, I’d go for marketing or public relations; however, my current place of employment is within my field and I am definitely going to enjoy it!

6.) I am a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha.  During my college days, I ate, slept, and breathed Zeta. To this day, it still holds a very special place in my heart. I currently am an advisor for a school near us! Unfortunately, Coach’s school doesn’t have Zetas.  As an active member of ZTA, I was Vice President of Membership, where I was in charge of recruitment and the President.  A lot of who I am is because of Zeta.  No matter how difficult some days were, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have the two most perfect “littles” and so many amazing friends because of it.  My proudest moment as a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha occurred at the National Convention in Los Angeles.  My chapter, Delta Iota, received the Becky Hainsworth Kirwan Chapter Improvement Award. This award goes to the most improved chapter in the entire country.  This award is the credit of many amazing, hard-working, dedicated sisters in my chapter who built us back up after several rough years. Because of them, I was able to accept this award on behalf of my chapter. I can’t wait to see pink ribbons everywhere in just a few short days!Zeta - Copy

7.) I do not drink coffee.  I actually don’t really drink any caffeine, except the little amount in Shakeology.  It’s not that I don’t like coffee, but I fear my teeth getting yellow, it gives me the worst headaches, and somehow I operate just fine without it. Needless to say, I am okay without starting the addiction.

8.) If I could be any character from a show, I’d be Tammy Taylor from Friday Night Lights.  I am sure y’all can guess why! Seriously, she’s my idol. If you haven’t seen it, turn it on right now! I heard it is leaving Netflix, which breaks my heart. TEXAS FOREVER! Team Riggens!

9.) One of my biggest supporters is “my twin.” She’s the beauty behind this whole blog and one of my driving forces to follow my dreams. She has been my friend since 8th grade where we met on MySpace.  I have watched her build her photography business from the ground up, and every time I see her photos I am in awe.  I’d share the photos she took of me almost ten years ago, but I know she wouldn’t be amused. Still, I think they’re pretty great (and not just because of the subject in them).  She is one of the most selfless, hilarious, caring people in my life; she’s definitely in my “top 5” of who I admire most in this world. I am so lucky to also call her one of my best friends.Twin - CopyI’d HIGHLY suggest checking out her Instagram: @jessicahustedphotography and booking a session with her if you are in our area.  The woman loves to travel, and I envy how adventurous she is, so she may even agree to take your photos in other places!

10.) I never disliked dogs, but I never was exactly thrilled about them until I got my own. Kessel Phillip, my mascot, is the highlight of my life.  One late night way before we added to our lives, Coach woke me up and informed me of our future dog’s name: Kessel. Little did I know his premonition would come to fruition, and here we are with Kessel (Go Pens!). When we went to see him, he came up to us and sat on Coach’s boot.  We were sold! He is the most loving, cute, playful, funny dog, and we couldn’t be any luckier.


Now that you know a few more things about me, please leave a comment on here or my Instagram post @imwith.thecoach and tell me more about yourself.  I absolutely love getting to know others!