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If you follow my blog, you may remember my post about Rodan and Fields Lash Boost.

I Got 99 Problems, But My Lashes Ain’t 1


As the first sentence said, I made it clear that I was not a R+F Consultant, however I planned on considering it once life slowed down a bit. Life hasn’t slowed down, like what so ever. Coach is gone recruiting, the holidays are in full effect, and I am traveling for work a lot right now. The list goes on. Ultimately, after being asked if my lashes were real on several occasions, and instead of just sending them to my amazing upline, I decided perhaps I truly could run with this and make something out of it. I mean what’s one more thing?!

I’m writing today to get a little raw on the backbone of WHY I decided to become a Rodan+Fields Consultant. It comes down to three reasons:

Fear of Failure•I love my skin•Finances


I have allowed the fear of failure to dictate every decision in my life. I originally went to college to become a Speech Language Pathologist, but switched my major because I got a 3.2 my second semester and feared I wouldn’t get into graduate school; I thought, why take the chance of going to school for four years with a degree I couldn’t use without a Masters? So I switched my major to Rehabilitation and Human Services with plans to attend graduate school for Occupational Therapy, but I didn’t shadow many OT’s because I didn’t want to do an internship somewhere where I wouldn’t get paid (will come back to finances later), AND I figured I’d do horrible on the GRE’s so probably wouldn’t get into graduate school. Hmm … let’s see what else, I thought for a second maybe I’ll become a State Cop (lets all laugh for a second at the thought of this), well even when I was in the best shape of my life, I figured I couldn’t pass the PT test so decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to even try; I was too afraid of failing. If you haven’t caught on to how absolutely ridculious all of this sounds, even as I write these I am getting annoyed with myself. Unfortunately, this is how my mind has worked for the past however many YEARS. My upline and I had talked multiple times about becoming a consultant, but I kept pushing it off. After referring 5+ people to her, and someone telling me they’d purchase Lash Boost on the spot if it meant their lashes would look like mine, I decided to throw away the idea of failure and for once, take a leap of faith! Although this is something I continue to struggle with, I must say that I am BEYOND BLESSED to be surrounded by so many amazing friends and family who continue to push me. Even before I launched this blog, I thought about backing out of it. I couldn’t be anymore thankful for the guidance and love I have received from so many people when it comes to this blog and now my new business.

atychphobia (n.) fear of failure; fear of not being good enough

I LOVE MY SKIN. For the most part I have always been lucky to have “nice” skin. There have been a few times throughout the years were I have had massive breakouts or at least, what seemed massive to me. I was beyond self-conscious when my face was breaking out. I bought new makeup and poured on as much as I could to hide the issues. I tried various things (NOT R+F because I knew nothing about it at the time, but I now know we do have an awesome regimen line to help with these issues), but ultimately changing my birth control is what helped the most. I’ll also give some credit to Shakeology. That stuff is magical. Thankfully, things have been going well for a few years now when it comes to my skin. Because of that, I knew R+F was the right decision. I am going to be 25 soon, and as much as that is still “young” I feel that NOW is the time to invest in my skin. Life is going to continue to happen. I will get pregnant and experience breakouts, blah blah blah…but when it comes down to it, I know that I’ll always be able to fall back on these incredible products that help THOUSANDS of people every single day.

Anyone who knows me knows how critical I am of myself. Not only do I struggle with the fear of failure, but probably even more so with my self-esteem. I am at a point where it’s been almost a year going back on forth on programs and eating habits, but I just can’t get my motivation to be where it once was. I used to love it, but truthfully it’s a chore to me now, and even worse I simply just don’t care to do any of it at all. Well, I do care but I feel like I am at the bottom of a deep hole, and I have so much work to do to get out that I don’t even know where to start. When it comes to R+F though,  it’s one of those things that I have continued to do and have seen actual results. so I crave it and believe in it so highly. Obviously, one can not compare skincare to fitness results, but in a way they truly do go together. The more you workout and eat right the better you’ll look and feel. Because of R+F, I am so confident in my skin. I just need to work on feeling that way about the rest of my body as well.

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready.  There is only now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.”

Last but not least, everyone’s favorite topic: MONEY.  I grew up getting pretty much everything I wanted. I can’t ever remember being disappointed on Christmas morning or being told no. Truthfully, I knew or eventually realized the financial struggle my parents were experiencing. While in 3rd grade my parents got divorced. My mom was making close to nothing, and my dad was severely hurt in an accident. Although I was given all I could ever want, I do remember not having what others had. That’s honestly still the case. Ultimately, it’s made me into the hardworking, strong, independent woman I am today. There are many things I have purchased over the past decade that I know others have received because of family support. That’s awesome, and although I sometimes become bitter of those who have that privledge, I know that my mom worked her a$$ off to provide for us; because of her, I recognize what’s truly important in this world (TOTALLY NOT saying those who have support don’t recognize this!!!!).

I like to think I do well with saving money, but can admit I have spent LOTS of money on this things I didn’t need. I was lucky to graduate college and get a great job. When I moved to ND, I landed another well-paying job. However, the move back to PA wiped away nearly all of my savings, which is difficult to experience. Coach has been very supportive, but of course, I pay my stuff and he pays his. I went without work for two months. Most say, “well, hey at least you were lucky to have that cushion when you moved,” and they are correct. But building back that savings has been a struggle. I want to be married and have babies in the next five years, so if I can help others while making money, woohoo! I intend to save all of my earnings for our future.

When it comes down to it, if I can do this and earn some cash, great. If not, that’s okay too, but I hope at the very least I can help change someone’s life because their lashes are or their skin has improved drastically. I am working on improving my self-esteem, and I’d never ever want someone to feel down on themselves. I think y’all are beautiful! Rodan and Fields just keeps you looking good.


If you have any interest in the products, perks, or becoming a consultant yourself please reach out to me. I’d love to work with new consultants and learn together all the amazing things this company has to offer.  Thank you so much for reading this NOVEL. Seriously, y’all are the best!

I Got 99 Problems, But My Lashes Ain’t 1


First of all, I am not a Rodan+Field’s consultant, even though it is something I may consider once football season ends and life settles down. I met my consultant through my sister who met her through social media.  We have never met in person, yet we talk at least once per week; I am very fortunate to consider her a friend! I started using the products earlier this year and have seen amazing, immediate  results.  I’ve always been fortunate to have decent skin complexion, so I hope to keep it that way by using Rodan+Fields products.

I had heard about Lash Boost when it was first launched, but I am not going to lie, the price of the product made me hesitate.  However, after seeing my sister’s results and speaking with my consultant, I took the plunge; I am so grateful I did! It’s been almost three months of usage and my lashes are LONG.  I don’t typically wear much eye makeup, and now this is even more of a reason to avoid doing so.  Lash Boost has not only helped my lashes grow, they are also much fuller; astoundingly, I can honestly admit that I saw changes within a month.

IMG-7668 (2)No Mascara in this picture!

Back to that price tag: retail price is $150.  If you become a PC, or “preferred customer,” you get 10% off all products.  To become a PC, you have to pay a one-time fee of $20  BUT my consultant is SO amazing that she reimburses it. Ultimately, if you make the right move, you end up paying $135.  I know that number still is high, BUT you know those beautiful eyelash extensions everyone is getting right now? They are anywhere from $200-$250+ over a three month period of time. Your tube of Lash Boost is lasting that long, if not longer. AND they are your real lashes, which is a natural bonus. I have heard some negatives to eyelash extensions; sometimes lashes fall out when the extensions are shed, and it can be extremely painful to touch your eyes.  While I’m not trying to knock eyelash extensions because they are beautiful and look SO damn good, but I just really love this product! The only discernible drawbacks to Lash Boost?  It is not for those with nut allergies and you may have to cut back to every other day because they grow SO much and SO fast.

Attached you will find the easiest way to shop for Lash Boost.  If you have any additional questions, please let me know so I can put you in touch with my consultant.  She is fun to talk to, so kind, and always has AWESOME deals.

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Below are my lashes, my R+F Consultant’s lashes, and my sister’s lashes!

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