Time to CEE Change: Workout Wednesday-HIIT

I am now on week three of my “pre” half-marathon training.  Part of my schedule includes HIIT or “High Intensity Interval Training.” Very simply put, HIIT is workouts that raise your heartbeat by you giving all your effort for a short period of time, and then resting for a brief time frame. I can fully admit that I have a problem with knowing what’s good and not good for me, such as certain foods and different exercises to do, but not knowing the science behind them.  I am lucky to be surrounded by a lot of educated people who have done extensive research on health and fitness.  I usually just don’t take the time to find out the “why.”

I was looking up information on HIIT workouts because I do know that it is effective. I wanted to share with you an awesome blog post I had found that really explains everything about it!

HIIT Workouts How-To: The Science, Benefits, and Workouts You Can Do Today

The workout I did today was:

Warm Up 1/2 mile-Sprint 60 seconds, Jog 60 seconds (Repeat 5x)-Cool Down 1/2 mile

If I’m being honest, I am still working on gaining my strength back and increasing my speed so I walked in between the sprints instead of jogging.  No denying that my heart rate was UP though.


I spoke with my trainer today, and she made a few great points in regards to HIIT.  The workouts are short and intense.  Whether you work full time, your husband is a coach or in the military, you’re just busy with your kiddos or all of the above…these workouts are super efficient! Contact me if you want more information on training. XX


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