Time to CEE Change: Workout Wednesday (SBS Edition)

I get it. The Super Bowl is still four days away, but with wanting to keep some consistency with my Monday Meals and now Workout Wednesday, I have to share some ways to incorporate working out while watching the big game.

If I am being honest, I can’t promise that I’ll be participating in this workout, however, I am scheduled to run four miles that day! We could easily sit home and be hermits because of wanting to stay on track with our health, but Coach and I were invited to watch the game with the coaching staff so that is our plan is the game. They may think I am nuts if I were to start working out in the middle of their living room. If you are in the comfort of your own home though, I highly suggest you take part in this fun little workout I have for y’all. Lifting a beer or chip to your face does NOT count as a workout by the way!

The work out is simple as this. When you see the things listed, do them.

Touchdown– As many push-ups as the team that scored has

Field Goal– 5 burpees

First Down– 10 arm dips

False Start or Off sides– 20 jumping jacks

Interception– 15 squats

Time Out– Chug a bottle of water

Sack– 30 crunches

Personal Foul– 30 second plank

Fumble– 20 bicycle crunches

Flag– 20 mountain climbers

Coach Challenge– Wall sit for duration of review

Beer Commercial– 10 lunges on each leg

Movie Trailer– High knees for the duration

Commercial with an animal– 20 bridges

Eagles Win– Your finished

Patriots Win– Sprint a mile


Laughing because the last two are not a joke

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