Time to CEE Change: Intro

Remember that post about getting back into working out and putting my health first? Perhaps you didn’t read it or perhaps you need a refresher. If either of those are the case, click the link below to read more.

“She Believed She Could So She Did”

Throughout that post, I spoke of my fitness journey over the last 5 years. The highs, the lows, and everything else in between.  At the time, four long months ago, I wanted the following Monday to be the last Monday where I said, “I’ll start next Monday.” Unfortunately, I’m here to tell everyone: I continued to say “next Monday” since then. I also found every excuse in the book to not workout. If I’m being honest, I simply didn’t want to workout and as much as I’m aware of how important it is to eat clean; everything unhealthy sounded much better.

What has changed? Well, y’all may think I am crazy and not see what I see, but ultimately I have noticed a change in pictures and that’s enough to open my eyes and realize that if I don’t make changes to my life, it will only get worse and be much harder to correct as I get older and life gets crazier.

With the New Year, I am sure y’all have made your list of resolutions. I always find it silly how we wait until the start of the new year to change, but I am 100% guilty of doing so. If you are anything like myself, you put on your list to workout more, eat better, etc. I’ve decided to start this “fitness series” to show you that when you struggle you are not alone, healthy recipes can be delicious, and working out truly is the best medicine.

I have to make it clear: I am no fitness expert. I’m just your average girl trying to live her best life, while looking and feeling her absolute best. When it comes down to it, YOU have to want it.  I can give you some personal testimony or perhaps even direct you to some people who are  “experts,” but if you’re not willing to put in the work, nothing will change in your life.  Self explanatory, right? If you know me personally, you know I am a very sensitive person, and very easily jump to my defense when given “tough love.” (I consider my ability to admit my flaws one of my best qualities HA!) However, I want to make it clear: this series will be raw and the real deal.  I’m not going to sugar coat my struggles, and I plan on celebrating my triumphs! I encourage all of you to do the same in your own personal fitness journey.

I am going to be sharing my own personal progress, tips, information, recipes, and mini workouts. Some of the workouts may be longer than others or may just be what I did that day.  I am currently doing a hybrid that consist of interval training, running, and Insanity Max: 30. This workout schedule is my “pre-half marathon training.” I won’t be sharing the entire plan because my trainer has worked hard on personalizing my schedule to best fit MY needs. Everyone is different, and everyone needs to do what is best for them. If something like this intrigues you, I’d be more than happy to direct you to my trainer! This series is not for any specific kind of workouts, diets, or lifestyles.  I truly support any and all kinds of healthy living. I hope this series brings you some motivation and the desire to live your best happy and healthy life! If you have any questions, comments, additional information, etc. please do not be afraid to reach out to me! You can reach me by my contact page or on my Instagram @imwith.thecoach.

It’s time to CEE CHANGE AND get CIERRAIOUSLY motivated!

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