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WOOF. It’s been a minute since I’ve posted.  I apologize for this! December was an insane month for me. I was traveling for work, and Coach was off recruiting.  A lot of things hit me full circle, and left me feeling anxious, lonely, and depressed.  Thankfully, I am feeling much better at this time, and am continuing to work towards a better me. I have a few to thank for this, but especially Jessica.

I’ve spoke of my bestest friend Jessica before on the blog. We have been friends since I was in 8th grade…10 or 11 years now? We actually met on good ole’ MySpace. Pretty sure she made my Top 3 instantly because it didn’t take long for us to became such good friends.  You ever find someone who is like the exact same as you, yet different? Yeah, that’s me and Jess, and the reason we call each other Twin.

Since starting this blog and my Rodan and Field’s business, Jessica has been my backbone.  She’s an encourager, do-er, and a believer in others.  I truly can say without her, this blog or my business would be nonexistent. Jess continues to be a positive impact on all my doings. Because of that I decided it’d be a great idea to “interview” her on her own business!  Jessica is a photographer based in Erie, PA.  She really is the beauty behind majority of my post!  Probably within a year or two of becoming friends she began to take photos of me and the beauty of the world. I continue to be in complete awe over how much her talent has evolved. She unquestionably is a total BOSS BABE!


Can you tell our readers about yourself?

Hi friends! I’m Jessica. I’m a wedding and portrait photographer who serves the wild at heart, the head over heels in love, and those who genuinely enjoy living each of their days as if it were their last. I really freaking love my dog and cuss words are basically my go to, all the time.

What inspired you to begin taking photos?

You. Hahaha. No seriously. I could get into this, but I’m SURE you’ve got some old photos to show the world. 😉 

Who has impacted you the most since starting your business?

This question certainly can go two different ways! My friends and family are the ones who have impacted me the most, the ones who keep me going on the shitty days, and they’re there to celebrate with me when something really awesome happens! Those who are closest to me truly know what it’s like for me to run a business and I think I owe them all the thanks in the world, especially when I’m having full mental breakdowns. 

When it comes to a professional impact, I’d have to say that Katelyn James and Amy & Jordan Demos are two educators who have truly impacted the way I operate and look at my business! I have learned so much valuable information from them and that’s truly impacted me for the better. 


What is the best part of being a photographer/business owner?

Napping whenever I feel like it. 😉

All jokes aside, it’s the fact that I am able to serve others. I love capturing a legacy and freezing a moment in time for people to cherish for years to come. A lot of people think owning a business seems like a fairy tale but I can assure you there are tough days. There are days where I feel lonely, question if I’m cut out for all of this, and cry with my laptop in my lap. But, all it takes is that one person to tell you they believe in you and that’s what makes it all worth it. At the end of the day I’m able to chase my American dream and I can’t even believe I’m this damn lucky. 


You are your own boss. How do you prioritize your time and stay disciplined?

This is something I struggle with as do a lot of business owners that work from home! I’m going to treat my day to day like a 7-8 hour work day and ensure that I structure everything as I would working for someone else! I think this way it will discipline me enough to know I have only a set amount of time to get my things done but if I wanted to take my dog for a walk, I thankfully have the freedom to do that! 

You get to make your own schedule, so when you aren’t work, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love getting lost in a good book. I’ll spend hours on the couch, tuning everything out around me and not putting it down until I’m finished! 

What is your greatest achievement?

Serving others through photography. That within itself is an amazing achievement and I can’t believe that everyday I get to do what I truly love. 

(Oh, and perhaps she is too humble to mention that she was named “Erie’s Choice 2017”  in Photography!)


What is the biggest challenge to starting a business?

The biggest challenge in starting a business would certainly be growing a clientele but it’s clearly not impossible! I am a firm believer if you start your business for all the right reasons and do everything from your heart, your clientele will come. Your tribe is out there, it might just take some time to find them! 



Fear is a big part of why others don’t go after their dreams, what can you tell our readers about overcoming “fear” and truly going for it?

Fear is the biggest black cloud and in order to overcome it I believe you need to surround yourself with positivity! I know that’s much easier said than done but if you truly want something then manifesting it in a positive light is the route to go. I also think preparation is key which could be anywhere from making sure you’re financially able to go for it to having the right support system! 

What would you tell someone looking to start a business or new hobby 

Just do it. Go for it and don’t even look back. Don’t question what happens if you fail, just do it. I am a firm believer that we’ve only got so many years on this planet and you’ll never know if you don’t try. Believe me, it’s so scary but it’s also incredibly rewarding. I started out by saving as much money as I could and investing in my business while I worked a full time job! It was a pain in the ass but it created a safety net for me and also allowed me to pay all of my equipment off before starting as a full time business owner. 

If you want to take on a new hobby, I also believe you should just go for it! It will create a positive escape and might even result in you owning a business someday!



To see more of Jessica’s work, follow her on her social media accounts.

FaceBook: Jessica Husted Photography

Instagram: @jessicahustedphotography

  • FYI- She does have open spots in 2018! HOWEVER, they are limited so jump on it people. To inquire with her, email her at
  • In addition to taking amazing photos, Jessica also has one on one mentoring available for ANYONE whether it be via SKYPE or in person.


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