10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Holy Moly! I can’t believe Christmas is in ELEVEN days.  I am seriously in shock over how fast this year has flown by.  Time truly does fly when you’re having fun!

With the expenses that have come with moving, and the need to save money for our future, Coach and I are not exchanging gifts this year. However, I wanted to give ya’ll a few ideas on what to get that special someone in your life! The ideas that I have come up with are especially perfect for a coach but great for all men.

1.)Rodan and Fields Products

Did you really think I’d not include my favorite skincare products?! Rodan and Fields is not just for woman.  Whether they want “the perfect shave” or to hide those tired eyes from long work hours, this stuff is legit.  Other products that would be great for a coach  or any male would be our sunscreen, lip shield for chapped lips or skin care regimens.


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2.) Cold Weather Gear

If you’re lucky enough to be down south, ignore this one. Cold weather gear for us is a necessity.  Seriously though, we went from one cold and snowy state to another.  Ah, forever dreaming of the day Coach gets a job down south. Some items to consider are hats, gloves, leggings or long sleeve shirts.  We are big fans of Under Armor apparel.  Dick’s Sporting Goods, Under Armor or Field and Stream would be your best bet for finding what exactly you need.

3.) Mugs/Tumblers

Coach drinks a disturbing amount of coffee.  He is a bigger fan of tumblers, but mugs are nice to have on the weekends when we are enjoying our Sunday brunch. Some of my favorite places to purchase mugs are TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Target.  Blue Feel Creations also has cute ones.  I’m sure your man would prefer to keep those at home! In regards to tumblers, Yeti’s are always a good idea. We personally do not own Yeti’s, but I know many people who love theirs.  I purchased an off-brand tumbler, and according to Coach, it works just as well.  My mom claims she did a test with my cousins Yeti and her Walmart Tumbler, and she won.


4.) Leadership Books

Self Development is important for everyone, but especially those in a leadership role.  Below are two great books for a coach:

The Score Takes Care of Itself by Brian Walsh

Legacy by James Kerr

5.) Watch

A fitness tracker will tell you the time, but some men prefer a more sophisticated look.  Stores to find nice ones could be department stores, jewelry stores or TJ Maxx/Marshalls.

6.) Ipad

Coach recently purchased an Ipad.  He insisted that it was necessary for recruiting.  He is able to show team highlights and input recruits information into Front Rush. It will be nice to have for away games as well. He’ll be able to watch movies or read a book on it.

7.) Fitness Tracker

Whether it’s a Fitbit, Apple Watch or Garmin, this is a great gift idea for a guy.  I know Coach especially loves his Fitbit Blaze. He likes how it tells time, counts his steps, and tracks his continuous heart rate.  If other coaches have one, it could create some healthy competition on the staff, and of course, it is a great motivator.  I remember when Coach was coaching in North Dakota and coming home from camp one day.  His step count was over 24,000!


8.) Wireless Headphones

If your man shares an office or enjoys working out, these are super convenient. I personally haven’t used them, but asked Santa some!

9.) Shoes

Coach loves getting new shoes!  Whether it’s for working out, shoes for Gameday, nice boots for the cold weather …shoes are always a good idea.

10.) Sports Tickets

If you’re purchasing these for a coach, it may be difficult to get them for a game during football season considering their work schedule, but if your team doesn’t make the playoffs you may be able to score NFL or D1 tickets.  Coach and I love going to football games! We’ve attended three Buffalo Bill games and two Steeler games together. Hockey, Baseball, etc. are also great events that your men may enjoy attending! We get our tickets off of StubHub or TicketsNow.


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