And just like that, the second season of Coach’s career is complete.  It seriously feels like yesterday that Coach accepted the offer at our current school.  Although the decision to accept the offer was easy, everything about the transition process was e x h a u s t i n g. Ultimately, as trying and difficult the past year has been, I wouldn’t have trade our current situation for anything else.  I am so proud of Coach and the team, even if there is a lot of work to be done.


Since we have successfully completed our first drastic move and season as a full time coaching unit, I feel like we can get through anything. Although it feels that way, I am sure there will be many more obstacles to overcome.  I wanted to provide y’all a sneak peak into this lifestyle, and perhaps shed some knowledge on what you may not know. I may not be an expert, but one thing is certain: I am obsessed football and so in love with my Coach.

First and foremost, it’s almost entertaining when I tell people about Coach’s job.  I almost get offended by the questions/comments, but I am aware that if you aren’t living it, it may not make sense or be your cup of tea, and that’s totally okay!


When it came to Coach wanting to pursue his dream, I was always 100% on board, but originally did not plan on moving with him to North Dakota.  Long story short: I did. And everything from that moment has worked out just fine. Some people may ask about my own dreams or goals and how they will be fulfilled when I am following Coach from school to school.  I understand that concern, but when it comes down to it, perhaps my dream, goal, or passion is to have a good job that pays enough to allow me to do the  things I enjoy like running and working out. Not everyone has to have a passion that is their work, even though Coach clearly got lucky in that regard.  I can’t quite pinpoint what I want to do with my life, but I do know that I want to be a great wife to an amazing coach, a mom, and spend all of my Saturday’s on the sidelines.

I am not kidding when I say that our life revolves around football.  In my world, nothing else matters on a Saturday during the season other than it is Game Day.  With that said, being with Coach means missing a lot of things. Obviously, we are not fans of Fall weddings, but thankfully there is the US Postal Service that can deliver your gift for us. (Sorry not sorry!) But really, when I sat back and thought about it, it’s not like he can call off.  It’s not funny to joke about, but I asked the simple question: “what if something happened to me or a close family member?” He responded in a typical coach-like fashion, “you’d all know better than to let that happen during Football season.”  Coach once said to me “Cierra, I’ve come to accept that I will miss a lot of things, and that’s okay.” My heart broke a little, but he’s right, it is okay.


Coach was a graduate assistant at our previous school, and he worked more than 60 hours a week, only making $5,000 in nine months. However, he was also getting his Master’s paid for as well.  We moved before he finished, so he is currently finishing it online, but since he didn’t complete the program as a graduate assistant, he is now paying the second half of it.  Obviously, I am not speaking of his paycheck, but if you think we are living some glamorous life, you are beyond wrong. Coaches work INSANE hours, and when calculated, they must make way less than minimum wage.  It goes to show that money isn’t everything, and if you are doing what you love, that’s all that matters.  I feel so fortunate that Coach was home at “good times” every day during the season.  His schedule went something like this: normal hours on Sunday and Monday (8:30-5pm), Tuesday-Thursday (7-7:30pm), out early on Friday (6am-1) and Saturday depended on the start of the game (give or take 10-12 hours).


You may have heard that Coaches move A LOT.  I am hoping that isn’t the case in our life, but it is what it is.  However, I do know there is no time for waste.   We legit up and moved in five days. How is that possible? I don’t even know. It’s a blur! He accepted on Friday, July 21st, and had to be at work on July 31st. In that situation, he had to get there ASAP because camp was starting so soon, but even if it is a move in January or February (around the time when coaches accept job offers) the time to move is immediate. I was BEYOND blessed to have a job environment so understanding and didn’t even make me put in two weeks.  To be honest, I barely put in a day’s notice.  I felt absolutely AWFUL, but again, I was fortunate they were so understanding of our situation; it made things so much easier for me. To me, this is the most difficult part of Coach’s career: not knowing
when you’ll move, where you’ll move, and what jobs will be available.


The season may be over, but that doesn’t mean Coach is sitting back relaxing after working every single day for the last four months.  The season ended on Saturday, and he was on the road Monday to start recruiting.  Throughout the next month, he’ll be gone off and on Gator Huntin’.  I miss him already, but it makes the days we do get to spend together that more special.

To sum this post up, in order to love this life as the Coach’s girl, I truly feel you have to be #ALLIN in order to enjoy it and not go absolutely crazy.  I could go on and on about this life, but don’t let me fool you; the things I mentioned above are real-world stressors in our everyday life. Moving, finances, missing out, and making sacrifices for one another are just the tip of the iceberg of what this life is all about.

If you are a Coach’s girl and experiencing these things, please reach out to me! I have survived this life partially because of the amazing wives and girlfriends I have been surrounded by and all their support. You are 100% not alone!


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