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View More: players always suit up in their “Game Day Best.” Typically, they wear colored jerseys for home games and white for away, if allowed, they choose sweet kicks and flashy gloves, and in October, they may even add some pink. Coaches either select matching attire as a staff, or individually choose what they feel is best depending on the temperature (if only it was that easy). Determining what to wear on game day is no different for us ladies.

First of all, can we all agree it is the most wonderful time of the year? As the coach’s girl, football season isn’t just four months; it seems to be year-round. Whether it is game day, recruiting season, spring ball or summer camps, my life undoubtedly revolves around the pigskin. While this life is not for everyone, I have truly cherished the close relationships formed, team dinners, and the unknown, even though it can be a little scary at times. Ultimately, what I love most is cheering on my coach and his team on game day. And of course, looking my best while doing so!

When it comes to my game day outfit, you know I am already planning on Monday what to wear on Saturday! I take my outfits very seriously, and I’d be lying if I said it isn’t a personal problem. Although I am so lucky to call the coach mine and representing him in the best way possible is important to me, I must make it clear that it is NOT about coming to the game dressed to the nines just because I carry the title of coach’s girl. After all, it isn’t about me. Game Day is about the team and getting that W! I personally just love preparing a killer outfit to wear to the game!

The look you give when your coach walks by…

Weather is always the first determining factor of what to wear, but every female knows “beauty is pain,” so suck it up. Just kidding! Been there, done that … wearing open toe wedges aren’t worth it when it hits 55 degrees. Second, I am all about school spirit, so I love wearing school colors and apparel. However, I don’t just wear clothes that say “GO TEAM,” or “I LOVE FOOTBALL.” I try my best to be fashionable and team-sprites at the same time … but let’s be honest, cuteness tends to be the primary objective!

I can’t recall when I first stumbled upon Live Love Gameday, but I have to admit, I quickly became obsessed with their apparel. Live Love Game Day is the perfect mix of absolutely adorable, super fashionable, yet comfortable, and can be dressed up or down. Although the clothing is perfect for game day, the versitility to wear it throughout the week or even a casual date night is so convenient; all of their items are comfortable and can be worn many different ways! I truly could go on and on. Do yourself a favor by checking out all Live Love Gameday has to offer! I can promise that you will not be disappointed.

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A special thanks to my photographer @JessicaHustedPhotograpghy, the beauty behind majority of my photos! This girl just quit her shitty 9-5, and I couldn’t be anymore proud. You’ve been working towards your dreams since I met you, and as your friend, it’s amazing to sit back and watch your success. Your drive inspires me, and your talent leaves me speechless.  Forever thankful for your work, but most importantly, you!

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