View More: http://jessicahustedphotography.pass.us/cee--headshotsWhy hello there. It’s Cierra, and I am so happy you are here!  

Darius Rucker says it best, “There’s two times of the year for me: football season, and waiting for football season.” 

Football has always been my thing.  Growing up, my love for the game developed as I cheered on my home team on Friday’s and watched my favorite NFL team on Sunday’s.  Then, once I ventured off to college, my affection for the game grew especially when I fell in love with the star nose guard.  That nose guard is now my favorite coach! 


We have now survived season two of coach’s career so let me be the first to confirm this lifestyle is absolutely crazy.  My past experiences have truly made me embrace uncertainty, trust His plan, and live for the adventure.  This lifestyle is something that is hard to explain from the outside looking in because you may not exactly understand the ins-and-outs unless you have experienced it.  I have learned a variety of “adult” things, some more telling than others: how to edit a resume; change your address and bank information on ALL your bills; and reasons why not to sign a year lease.

This blog is for, you guess it, my coach’s girls! Although, let’s not forget all my ladies who just love football.  Even living in coach’s world, do I know the game like the back of my hand? Hell to the no, but I can assure you I know how to put an outfit together to root for the team AND make a dish everyone will swoon over at the tailgate. 

I hope this blog can transfer some inspiration to make football season your favorite time of the year like it is mine.  My life, as you can tell, revolves around football but more so living a lifestyle that is mine: being healthy, enjoying time with my family, friends and [our fur baby] Kessel Phillip. Moreover, I live for the weekend, love to travel, enjoy a good drink, and sharing some good belly laughs make me happy. 


View More: http://jessicahustedphotography.pass.us/cee--headshots

Now that you know quite a bit about me, I’d love to learn about YOU! Feel free to connect with me through social media or send me a direct message. XO